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Kim's couch is a place for thought provoking conversation. It will encourage & inspire the listener to live an empowered life. Join me & enjoy the talk!

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I have heard a lot of definitions of true forgiveness, however the ones that stick out the most are: 1) Conducting oneself as you did before the offense occurred. 2) Seeing the good in someone despite the bad they may have done. 3) Praying for... more

Anger is a strong emotion. It can take you from a good place to the worse place in a matter of seconds. If anger is not controlled, it will eventually control the one who carries it. We are interesting, intelligent and powerful people, yet it... more

Have you ever ran across or do you frequently run across people I call takers. A taker is someone who is all about themselves, and want others to be all about them too. In fact their favorite phrases are give me, I want, can I have, will... more

We have attracted just about everything in our lives. We have attracted the good, bad, ugly and pretty, because of this thing called the law of attraction. Do you believe in it? Do you believe you are as powerful as I am saying you are? I know... more

What are your actions saying about you? Do you ever stop to think about what you are saying when your mouth is closed? We never know whose watching, nor do we know who is listening, but what we know for sure is, we are being... more

There comes a time in life when we must decree and declare over our life and if that time hasn't happened, today is a good day to speak powerfully. The bible says we have been given keys and are able to bind and loose, so whatever is... more

Do you ever wonder why things are happening the way they are happening? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you believe in the power of agreement? Do you believe in reaping what you have sown? There are principles set... more

What happens when God changes or shifts your plan? Has anyone told you to plan your work and work your plan? What happens when you do just that and God throws or allows a monkey wrench to be thrown in it? What do you do with... more

What do you know about red flags? Are the words used just as a catchy cliche or is there meaning to them? What do you do when you know red flags are being raised? Do you ignore them or do you take heed to what they may mean? I truly... more

Does it seem like you are waiting on someone to do what this world needs to be done? Maybe it's up to you to be the change you need to see. Maybe this world is waiting on your big idea to manifest; has that thought ever crossed your mind?... more