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I'm a kid who thinks kids have a lot to talk about. Teachers, homework, family life, playground problems, we can talk about it all here on Kids' View The Music on my show is by a band called The Switch. You can buy their album! I also use music from the Japanese band Kingdom Heart and CJacks. My intro is called "dragostea din tei" (also known as the Numa Numa song) by a Moldavian band that was called Ozone.

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Cody Lawrence

What is your favorite...

  • by Cody Lawrence
Leave a comment and tell me these three things:1) How old are you?2) What is your favorite meal?2) What is your favorite dessert?Thanks!Your friend, Cody
Cody Lawrence

Upcoming Show

  • by Cody Lawrence
Hi, this is Cody!I have a show coming up soon and I hope you will listen. I am a little nervous about the show, so I hope everything goes OK. Thanks for everything!Your Friend,Cody