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Our show is about nothing... and everything. We talk about music, movies, politics, society, video games... just about everything.

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On Tuesday (1/15/2013) New York State passed the Nation's strictest gun laws.. just ahead of a series of Executive Orders put in place by Pres. Obama.We will discuss these recent actions as well as other top stories.

People have been eating each other and other people have just been acting like zombies in the political spectrum. Our thoughts today: Miami zombie attacker Copy-cat attacks Scott Walker victory in WI Mayor Doomberg NYC ban on... more

Today on the Fuzz we are talking about: Andrew Breitbart Koran Burning in Kabul Contraception debate China holds massive US debt - $1.15 trillion

We're back! Seems like a recurring theme... anyway we have a few days off so it's show time! Today we're talking about Random funny stuff Santorum Iran gas prices

It's already 4 weeks into the new semester? Wow, time for a new episode we thinks. Today we have a lot on our minds... Our thoughts on the new academic year and generally, a lot of ranting! Our classes The people The issues

From Alaskans illegally selling walrus tusks to an angry China, this week we recap the top news stories. Debt Crisis Cut, Cap and Balance Heat wave crossing US Diplomatic Failures (Pakistan and China) Norway Attacks

Today we tackle the absurdities of several popular conspiracies of today. - HAARP - Chem Trails - 9/11 an Inside Job? http://www.nasa.gov/topics/aeronautics/features/big_picture_facet.html

This week we will sit down with US Army soldier PFC Salzer to talk about Army life. Topics of interest: Army Life Basic Training Job Training War - Afghanistan, Iraq, other past wars Current Affairs

This week will comment on Latest news topics such as: Casey Anthony National Debt Final Shuttle Launch rollercoaster madness