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I am a retired New York attorney now living full time in Key West, Florida. I offer my take and perspective on life in Key West and world events. Quite a stretch. Interesting and informative. Sometimes challenging. Join me.

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Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues.
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Lots of topics on the table tonight. First; wrong move from Congress by sending letter to Iran and inviting Netanyahu to address Congress. Are they that determined to destroy the president? Also, war profiteering big time booming!... more

Tonight; Congress makes a fool of themselves again. All in the name of showing up Obama. Netanyahu gives great speech but doesn't tell us what to do about Iran and John Kerry talks to much. I also discuss a new trend in banking.... more

Tonight's main topics are ISIS and why so many young girls are leaving their home to join them. Also, the Congress and President butt heads again. No funding for Homeland Security with President's Immigration plan attached. Also,... more

Tonight I take on the so economic recovery and why I disagree. Low paying jobs, more children living in poverty, corporations paying less in taxes just a few of the reasons. Also, Greece and Germany struggle, and more on Venezuela and... more

Many topics on the table tonight. First,Texas allows for a Sharia Law court. Should we be worried? Also Venezuelan President making all kinds of accusations. More on Greece and the new radical party in Spain. A Washington... more

Tonight the Greek election results. Radical leftist and a lot of promises. Also, one million homeless children and the 1% keep getting richer. Other topics include global warming, and Islamic banning building snowmen, examples of of... more

Tonight; New York Police challenging Mayor...still. Also, nine year old in big trouble over pack of gum. A demonstration on how mismanaged juvenile system is. More on Venezuela and the shortages on everyday items. And Greece... more

New York Police situation rank insubordination in my view. A colossal disaster in Maryland. Police in Dallas and lawsuit against Grand Jury in Ferguson. Also, comments on the president in Venezuela and China burning old bills to create... more

Tonight, the changing attitudes of police and the situation in New York. Also, more on Greece. WIll the Nazi party gain more power in the next election? Russia feeling the pain of sanctions and are we really safer after 13 year war in... more

Tonight, a brief history of the Christmas celebration. Also, Boca Horan determined to keep women uneducated follow Sharia Law. Comments on the Ryder cup and Traveno. My thoughts on Obama's idea to create a corporate board in Asia and... more