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I am a retired New York attorney now living full time in Key West, Florida. I offer my take and perspective on life in Key West and world events. Quite a stretch. Interesting and informative. Sometimes challenging. Join me.

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Interesting perspective on everyday issues.
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Interesting perspective on everyday issues.

It's Veteran's Day in Key West! How we celebrated this year and a few comments on the Vietnam War. Princeton University says we are no longer a democracy. We are run by rich people and politicians. Putin on top again and a time... more

Tonight I share my thoughts on the Election. Also for the first time the United Nations is critical of the US.Other topics: Japan experiencing a wave of celibacy among the young? unwanted military equipment, Syrian Hash, and the unrest at... more

Tonight I start with ISIS. Are the youth joining for the promise of sex? Also, another war on drugs we are losing...this time Afganistan.On the GMO front. China says no more! What are the effects? Plenty....And why is rape so under... more

Interesting perspective on everyday issues.

Hot topic tonight: Ebola in the U.S. I also talk about the high price of medical marijuana in Europe and why the CEO Of JP Morgan is worried. Also effects of global warming, Jewish group causes uproar, The profits of war, and political... more

Tonight I discuss the disintegration of the legal system. Case in point the situation in Ferguson MO. Also my thoughts on the Supreme court's decision regarding the issue of gay marriage. They didn't deal with it!!! Find out the reasons why. More... more

ITonight I say good riddance to Attorney General Holden! He was wrong about the banks being to big to fail! Norway is proof positive. Also, JP Morgan de-risking? And what has happened to the Secret Service. And the Militarization of the... more

This war and terrorism front and center. First where is Germany's support in coalition against ISIS? Generals and think tanks? Conflict big time! Al Qeada coming back and the story of the gang that couldn't shoot straight. That's just a... more

Many things to talk about tonight! Mercenaries to fight ISIS? Pope Francis thinks WW 3 has already started, More on Russia and the resurgence of Nazism. And why is Venezuela still having a toilet paper shortage? Always an interesting... more