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The Kerri Edelman Show focuses on interviewing, exploring and delving into the lives of some of the most interesting and fascinating musicians, comedians, writers, actors, film makers, entrepreneurs and other unique persons. If you would like to be featured on her show or contact her, please email her at kerriedelman at The opinions reflected in this show by the interviewees do not necessarily reflect the views of The Kerri Edelman Show.

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Hailing from Maryland, Silvertung is comprised of Speed, lead guitarist ZZ, bassist Skoot, and drummer Danno, and have created a tremendous local buzz on the strength of their live show, which has seen the quartet share the... more
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Scott Meaney is an Author, Artist and Graphic Designer from New York City. He is the sole Illustrator and co-writer along with Chris Laudando of the underground-cult-hit graphic novel Constellation Park: Book One. Scott got his... more

Loretta Palacios has been promoting shows and concerts since 2003 as Loretta Represents, LLC, and now has become a non-organization 501, ( c ) (3), tax exempt. She has managed bands, booked, and promoted her own shows as... more

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH is the brainchild of Brooklyn, NY native Sal Abruscato, and sounds like Alice in Chains mysteriously sneaking up behind Type O Negative with a butcher knife while being filmed for a future episode... more

The Cris and Lou Project is a Philadelphia-based children's songs duo. Cris & Lou's music addresses the every day behaviors and parental challenges. A catchy song will encourage a child to perform a desired behavior, such as for instance... more

Digging into the musical influences of singer/keyboardist/songwriter Rich Genoval and guitarist/songwriter Mark Scandariato, the driving forces behind emerging New Jersey based Pop, Rock and Soul band Novae, one finds a unique and... more

My Damn Channel is the brainchild of its Founder/CEO, Rob Barnett. My Damn Channel is an entertainment studio and distributor of premium original programming by established and emerging talent from film, TV, and the Internet.... more

Performing nationwide, Angry Bob has a high-energy unique adult act that is downright hilarious and crowds all over love him! He regularly performs all over NYC in such illustrious clubs as the Comic Strip Live, Stand Up New York, the... more

Adam Dunning was born December 14th, 1988 and was raised in the small town of Carbondale, PA. In 2007, he graduated from Carbondale Area Jr/Sr High School. At this point of time, he was not sure about attending college or what... more

Tim Louie has spent 13-years of his life working in the radio industry as well as a writer/editor for the for The Aquarian Weekly. Many of his career highlights include: Waking Up with Whoopi Goldberg, spending mornings with Baltazar... more

Merge synthetic pop beats and passionate vocals with hard rock guitar riffs and fresh effects and you get the unique sound of Tasting Grace. Infusing the catchy sounds and appealing eye candy of pop with the melodic, mood driven force of... more