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The spirit connection hosted by Kerriann Flanagan Brosky and Joe Giaquinto gives listeners information on how to connect with loved ones on the other side. Kerriann and Joe bring the spirit world to your radio dial and make your universe bigger than life.

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An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds and radiates off people, animals and even plants. People have been encountering auras for centuries, and it dates back to Rome, Greece, India and Egypt. On tonight's show,... more

Joe Giaquinto will explain how he came to find this beautiful, spiritual and very haunted structure, way out East on Long Island. Joe will talk about it's history as well as the many wonderful experiences he and his investigative team,... more

Did you know there are actually ten different types of ghosts? Historical ghosts, cyclic or recurring ghosts, family ghosts, and poltergeists to name a few. This list was comprised by one of the most experienced ghost hunters in the... more

Join Kerriann and Joe for an interview with Margo Arceri, a local historian and lifelong resident of Strong's Neck. Margo's experience includes acting President of the Strong's Neck Civic Association, past Vice President and Board Member... more

What are spirit guides and how can we connect with them? A soul may pick their guide before birth and that guide will remain with them during their life. In other cases spirit guides may come to a person during their life to help them with their... more

Richard Schoeller always felt he was a little different—he sensed things more intensely than others around him. He tried to shrug it off and was fairly successful for awhile. One evening in 1997, something major happened: Richard... more

Kerriann and Joe will be attending a special workshop on March 19th with Scottish medium Bill Coller who will be discussing the Akashic Records.The Akashic Records contain all the thoughts and experiences that we as individuals... more

Put your images of the infamous "Chucky" doll aside. Tonight's show will focus on the ghosts of inanimate objects. Can objects really be haunted? Joe will share his years of experience in studying everything from haunted dolls to haunted... more

How are mediums and psychics able to communicate with the spirit world? On tonight's show, Kerriann and Joe will explain the differences between three different forms of spirit communication: clairvoyance, clairaudience and... more

When Kerriann and Joe give their popular Ghosts of Long Island lectures, their audiences are always curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of their investigations. On tonight's show, Kerriann and Joe will tell some... more
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