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Kenneth R. tackles the complex issues of which no other radio host dares come within 200 feet. The gloves are off! No holds barred, etc etc etc etc etctectetctetctecvdfguefu347uh...

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It's ON. Seriously. Where are we going as a species if we can't figure out whether we want chicken or fish tonight?

Are we letting the communists win again? Is this really what we're faced with? Chicken or beef? In 1959, the average American's greatest concern was the Soviets. Now, 50 years later, the average American is terrorized by this... more

It's right here...see this? I dunno, I noticed it on Sunday. Think I should get this checked out?

Swine flu, schmine flu! The REAL pandemic is HARD-HITTING, PENETRATING, SPRINKLED-WITH-TASTY-COOKIE-CRUMBLES talk radio on the internets machines!!

You are going to hell. Listen to Father Padre, OSFS, and you just might be saved.

Oh my lord. Say it ain't so! Kenneth R. is going to go where the others refuse to go once again with that penetrating question, "Did you pee on my lawn?". In addition, he'll go even further, into darker, more hard-hitting territory when he... more

Seriously. What ARE you lookin' at, man? God.

Sociologists, anthropologists, and even urologists debate amongst their peer groups over just who IS a good boy. Is it the doggie? The parrot? Your rich uncle's helicopter? Join Kenneth R for what can only be a lively discussion of... more

Hi! I missed you! How was work? Did anything interesting happen today?