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One Hundred Twelfth United States Congress

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May 22, 1997 Antitrust Implications of the College Bowl Alliance P. 156 Gary R. Roberts to Questions From Senator Mitch McConnell Professor of Law, Director Sports Law Program Re: Follow-up Questions to College Bowl Alliance Hearing Question 1.—High Costs of Litigation I hesitate to hazard a guess as to what the parties’ costs would be in a full blown rule of reason litigation over the Bowl Alliance. In such cases, the extent of discovery, the number of pre-trial motions, and the length of trail could vary enormously depending on the strategies, tactics, and issues each side would choose to raise and pursue as well as the skill and patience of the judge. However, in order to take the case through to a jury verdict as well as though the prolonged appeals that inevitably follow, “a few million dollars” of expenses for each side is certain. I also believe that such a case would take no less than three and possibly ten or more years to run its course, depending on if counsel are reasonable and cooperative during discovery and whether there are any mistrials or remands for retrial. *** July 7, 2009 The Bowl Championship Series: Is it Fair and in Compliance with Antitrust Law? Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony of William Monts. P. 4 “If we assume that the BCS arrangement is the product of a section 1 agreement, then it will be analyzed as a joint venture among the various conferences and institutions. Joint venture arrangements are reviewed under the rule of reason.” *** On January 3, 2011, the full congressional movement that was shared with Chairman Ray will begin. Executive Director of the BCS Bill Hancock has never testified to the legislators. The 112th United States Congress, which is composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of representatives, will commence next Monday. Let’s get Bill to the Hill during the 112th Congress.