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Life for me had a lot of drama per say but wasn’t terrible. Money and social status made my family’s problems a little more difficult at times. In some ways though, it made me a bit stronger in the long run. If I could change it, I suppose I would, but the “grass is always greener”, as some would say. A lot of different things I did in my life taught different degrees of this in different situations. Whether it be the Marines, my father, truck driving, or managing a restaurant, they all need you to focus on the here and now. This book was originally only going to be memoirs of my life for my children. There was so much about morals and ethics that I wanted my kids to know that I asked some random people to look at it and see if I’m going nuts or if this would be a good read for my kids. One lady said it was like listening to grandpas stories with him right there with her. I actually caught one college student crying in a booth as she read about the “pencil” story. Then as I watched these people it became very apparent that this book was totally introspective. One lady that came in and read all the time is the one that pointed this out. “It makes you think about your own situations as you read”. So here we are 8 months later with “What are wisdom and Intelligence.” My simple life is all in the book from what I remember and hopefully will keep you entertained. Started my life in the Marines in December of 82 and spent 8 years in the Corps. The one thing I enjoyed most I think is just people. You all are very fascinating to me. So many different emotions out there, you have to keep your heart open and you’ll see the wonder of life where ever you are. “It’s your life, right?” You’ll see it from how you want it to be. See life from your own perspective. I did. “Life is what you make it”. I’ve heard that somewhere. My life was a big adventure and still is, I hope you see it that way. Sincerely, An average Jim