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Greetings to all - my name is Ken Cook. I live in Atlanta and I am very proud of my fellow citizens. My talk is about finance, the economy, real estate, marketing - online mostly and off, politics where it involves business and liberty and I will listen to religious commentary.

For the last 10 years I have been a partner or Director of a mortgage bank. For the last 20 years I have been an internet programmer, developer and consultant - clients include SigARMs, The NRA, The Canadian Poolplayers Association, Sharis Restaurants, Supersmokers BBQ, Hunter Engineering, CrossGen Comics, and Loomis & Fargo. Of course I would name the hundreds of small businesses who really made me successful like the Alpharetta Youth Football League, FloodPro, Brewmasters, Avion, and many more.

Because of RealNowRadio I have plenty of music you have never heard and will have plenty more.

Most of my show content and discussion is going to be related to real estate, finance, the economy, and internet technology. If I do a Sunday show we may get into religion but that could get scary because I believe what I believe and don't plan on changing.

I twitter at @thekencook and @realnowradio
My AR blog is http://activerain.com/reibroker
My SEO/SERP site is http://icobb.com
My FaceBook is http://facebook.com/reibroker
My Myspace is http://myspace.com/reibroker
My mortgage blog (new) is http://ken.novationmortgage.com
My Twitterbits site is http://twitterbits.com

We will talk about ALL that stuff!

I am also an instructor in The Real Estate Investment Institute at Emory University's Life Long Learning Center as well as some other really boring stuff. Let's talk!

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      Abraham's Excellent Adventure

      Today's show is, simply, a reading of the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. However, author Ed Suominen has fleshed out the story in alarming detail...and he has added a bizarre twist to the tale.

    2. Movie Minute Review of Magic Mike XXL

      Proving it's not just looks, but heart, the effectively packaged but very uneven entertainment delivers a few things that are just darn irresistible

    3. Celebrating Asteroid Day

      Former NASA astronaut and planetary scientist Tom Jones and Alan Boyle preview Asteroid Day, an occasion that highlights the threats and opportunities posed by near-Earth objects.

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      We have our new Spiderman! Matt and Jeff talk about the future of Marvel and respond to your Daredevil feedback.

    5. Repurposing The DIY Way

      Let's talk DIY repurposing ideas with Anitra Mecadon & Tara Dara

    6. Sleepaway Camp Star Felissa Rose

      Join hosts JV Johnson & Ron Bonk as they chat with Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose. Learn about her career, her experience filming Sleepaway Camp, and her recent projects.

    7. Sharing Desserts With Men

      Kyle, Robert, and John talk about orange cream sodas, strawberry shortcakes, and sharing desserts with other men.

    8. Origin of DC Comics

      Who is Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson? Distinguished military officer. Inventor. Prolific writer of comic scripts and adventure stories.

    9. The ARod Debate

      Lisa Swan and Seth Everett debate the return of ARod.

    10. Peach Fuzz

      We discuss Rachel Dolezal, Ariana Grande's empowerment rant, women who shave their faces and what to do when you don't looove your long distance bestie's new bestie.

    11. Hot Beef Sundae

      You may not want to listen to this week's episode of Talking in Circles on an empty stomach as they discuss some of the most insane food and food challenges that are out there for you to partake in.

    12. How To Improve The NFL

      How can the NFL make its on-field product live up to its potential?

    13. Bigfoot, a Shotgun, and a Story

      What happens when you shoot a bear and it stands up and is not a bear?

    14. Keys to Charisma

      Dr. Edward Slingerland: Why the key to charisma and success is not "over-trying"

    15. Diet and Infertility

      Diet and Infertility with Dr. Pam Popper.

    16. Something Evil From His Dream Awaits

      This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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      Small Business Unstuck

      Host Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. He has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. This is a business radio show where he shares all the craziness of small business. It’s that craziness that actually makes it exciting, interesting and totally unpredictable.

    2. America's Most Haunted

      Official Internet radio show of forthcoming epic paranormal investigation book by Eric Olsen and "Haunted Housewife" Theresa Argie.