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Misogyny - Alive And Well In Arizona

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Ken Beth

Ken Beth


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This week on the New And Improved LifeTalk Radio With Ken And Beth Show we ask the question: What century is this?  If you were thinking that we live in enlightened times, think again.  Ignorance is all around us.  Case in point is new legislation being proposed in Arizona that seeks to, among other things, change the definition of pregnancy and seeks to assign personhood to gametes.  If passed, a woman could by deemed to be legally pregnant up to two weeks prior to actual conception.  This amazing, medical science and common sense defying legislation is brought to you, as always, by the courtesy of those bastions of morality, the Anti-Choicers, aka Pro-Lifers.  Well, they are so pro life that they now want the law to consider a woman pregnant,  merely because she's menstruating! They want to hold women criminally accountable for miscarriages and still births.  When will people stop punishing women for sex?  I wonder if anyone has figured out that if men didn't have sex with women they wouldn't get pregnant.  So, where's the legislation punishing men for sex?  Not there?  Ha!  Misogyny is alive and well.   Join Ken and Beth as they explore the slipper slope of womb control.  Call in and voice your opinon.  The womb you save could be your own!  Guest Call-in (347) 215-9971, join us in our online chat room, or just listen to the audio stream.  Thursday 9:00PM PDT.