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The Shoe Is Dropping On Airline Security

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Ken Beth

Ken Beth


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Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano announced this week that "eventually" the TSA will be dropping its rule requiring travellers to remove their shoes at airport security checkpoints.  Since the original shoe-bomb incident they have not found any other shoe-borne threats.  Now with the advent of full-body scanners removing the shoes is apparently not as important.   This raises the question of whether adopting this rule, one of the least liked in TSA history, was necessary or not.  Did it really protect us from real threats or was it a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated incident that has successfully annoyed and inconvenienced travellers for years.  The jury is out on that one. How do you quantify the value of any of these so-called security measures that seem so arcane and irrelevant.   It reminds me of an old joke-- Q: Why do elephants flap their ears?  A: To keep the polar bears away.  Q: Buth there's no polar bears in Aftica! A: See how well it works?    So.... Q: Why do people take off their shoes at airports? A: To keep the shoe bombers away.  Q: But, there hasn't been any shoe bombers!  A: See how well it works?    Who can argue against logic like this? Come take your shoes off with Ken and Beth as they get a foothold on this vexiing issue. Call in 347-215-9971  8:30PM, Thursday 9/8.   Be there or be square-toed.