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General discussion of any topic that interests us. We are always interested in learning new things and in meeting new friends. Join us for good conversations.... don't forget to put the coffee on!!

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The violence in Furguson, Missouri, over the past week has been characterized by many observers as a "war zone". The generally peaceful demonstrations that occur during the day have been puncutated by violence and mayhem at night. Some say it is a racial issue. Some say it is a class issue. Some say it is an upwelling of anger and frustration by a disadvantaged minority against what they see as an oppressive, authority. This week Ken and Beth will be discussing the situation and voicing their opinions as to why this is happening in our country. Join us in the discussion. Call in to speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971, join us in our online chat room or just listen to the audio stream. It's all good, but we'd really love to hear from you. Take a moment and call in.
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Lot's of things happening in the world this week. Most of them are depressing. So, we're doing open mic night this week. Join us for a discussion about whatever comes to mind. Call in to speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971, join the online... more

Has the institution of marriage run its course? Does marriage continue to hold women in bondage? Join Ken and Beth as they discover the intricacies of this tantalizing topic. This is one show you won't want to miss. It is going to be a... more

We're pretty much all brought up with the understanding that lying is bad, but in spite of all the training we've received over the years, most of us still tell at least one lie per day and some of us lie like rugs. In a study conducted by... more

The recent US Supreme Court ruling exempting Hobby Lobby from certain provisions in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has drawn praise from religious conservatives and Republicans and criticism from womens' rights... more

More and more products are sporting warning labels in this country. It could be preemptive action to against potential product liability suits or it could be evidence of corporate greed. Join Ken and Beth this week as they discuss this... more

Tonight we are letting you name the subject and discussing things in the news.

This week Ken and Beth discuss "Super Foods" and the pathway to optimum health. Some of the tasty treats on our plate this week will be juicing, sprouting, theories about food combining and keeping ourselves properly hydrated. You... more

This week Ken and Beth will discuss some disturbing storm clouds brewing on the horizon in this country in the form of a rising tide of Misogynist Extremism. Most of the men who practice extreme misogyny relegate their rage to rants on the... more

This week's discussion centers on the story of Paul Mason of Ipswitch, England, who has over the past few years lost half his body weight. Join Ken and Beth as they discuss his story and the differences between health care systems in... more

What a world we live in! There are so many interesting topics in the news this week from NBA Owners who are in hot water over racist remarks to hundreds of girls kidnapped in northern Nigeria by terrorists. Join Ken and Beth as they... more