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General discussion of any topic that interests us. We are always interested in learning new things and in meeting new friends. Join us for good conversations.... don't forget to put the coffee on!!

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Join Ken and Beth this week for a rousing half-hour of fun. It's our annual Christmas Carol Sing-In. Thursday 12/18/2014 9:30PM PST. We'll be singing some of your favorite Christmas Carols so you'll want to join the fun. Call in to... more

There is a host of things to talk about this week from the wars in the Middle East to sex on college campuses to the biggest storm to hit northern California in six years. Join Ken and Beth for another stream-of-consciousness discussion on... more

Well, dear listener, the Holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is but a memory and Christmas is fast approaching. It is the traditional season of giving. Ken and Beth are starting off the seaon by paying it forward. Join them for a discussion of... more

President Barack Obama announced today that he is making changes to the immigration enforcement policy of his administration by force of executive order. This has caused Republicans to cry foul and ruminate on the media about their... more

Join Ken and Beth for another adventure in Tongue Wag Land. We'll be chatting up a storm this week which is kind of appropriate given the recent rains that have fallen on our fair land. Give us a shout (347) 215-9971 and see what's about!... more

Now that the Republicans are gloating over their mid-term gains, they have announced a few items that will be high on their adjenda for the coming Congress. A high priority is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act aka... more

Join Ken and Beth in a discussion of topics of current interest. Call in to speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971, join us in our online chat room or just listen to the stream of consciousness. However you do it, just do it!

It's a great day for a little talk so join us for the fastest half-hour on radio as Ken and Beth work to solve the problems of the world. Join us Thursday 10/23/2014 at 9:30PM PDT. We want to hear from you!!

This week we welcome Beth back from her vacation in Hawaii. Many interesting things happened on her trip and we'll discuss some of them. We'll return to our discussion of the Blood Moons and their cosmic significance to us her on this... more

This week Ken and Beth will discuss a hodge-podge of news and current events. Also, we'll touch on where's the best place to eat lunch like a local in Honolulu. Join the conversation by calling in at (347) 215-9971 or leave us a message in... more