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Examining current politics over the background of history, religion and law.

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Covering the local news of Southern New Mexico, Las Cruces and El Paso, as well as state, regional, national and international stories.
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Can America Survive the Dark Sophistry of Spiritually Diseased GOP Leftists? It would be perverse to suggest the recent Matt Drudge-delivered blitzkrieg against Newt Gingrich was anything but a massive, coordinated propaganda campaign... more

Notion Only Conservative Candidates Will be Held Morally Accountable is National Suicide America is learning the perpetually painful lesson of a rampant Marxist media. Consider the three rings of the socialist travesty. Essential issues... more

Disconnected From Biblical Roots, America Drifts Blindly Towards Destruction America is in full-blown crisis. The continuous dysfunction in our government and culture at large reflect this. The American family has imploded and tens of... more

"Corrupt Mindset" Well Describes US Liberal Policies Euphoria bordering upon madness is expressed for Timothy Richard Tebow. This affection cannot merely be explained by his recent football success. For example, Michael... more

Is it Again the End of Ages, or More Grist for the Mill of the Naïve & Credulous? Given 2011 has officially ended, and we've entered into 2012 of the Gregorian calendar, many folks are hand-wringing over this as the end of the... more

More Than Ever do Christians Seek Heavenly Signs in a Troubled World Can Christianity's historical claims be successfully addressed with science? Many scholars and writers believe they can. So how does the dramatic assertion that... more

Will USA Cast Off its Secular Demons and Rise Again? A recent perusal of Pulitzer-Prize winning American poet Anne Sexton‘s work reveals an interesting obsession with failure, God and redemption strangely reminiscent of... more

Will Tebow's Bold Witness Help Lead to a New Great Awakening? One of the most admired and reviled athletes in US history is Denver Bronco QB Tim Tebow. So why is he so controversial? The reason has nothing to do with his throwing... more

Sadly, Obama's only ?achievement,? the ?Obama Doctrine? of indirect-intervention in other state's affairs by funding indigenous rebellions is not just failed but threatens increased risk of regional conflict. Proof already... more

Leftists Want to Ban Believers From Office--But Who are the Real Fundamentalists? Here is a deeply disturbing truth of our age—one American group, our most aggressive political ideology, is dangerously... more