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Examining current politics over the background of history, religion and law.

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In the battle between the past, present and the future….Peyton Manning & his Broncos just did something many said could not be done. They pushed back the present and future….even if for just one day...and won the Superbowl against the mighty MVP Cam Newton & his Panthers 24-10. So how did they do it? An audaciously clever plan & D-E-F-E-N-S-E!! Well done Peyton...way to ride off a winner. I'm not sure if we can draw any easy comparisons this political season, except to say we hope the opposite is true for this presidential campaign. The corrupt and creaky houses of Clinton & Bush are in dire need of fumigation. It's time for those tired dynasties were sent out to pasture. GOP pick Jeb is simply too much of a pansy to offer leadership during these troubled times. Hillary doesn't even look as if she can last till the convention without an indictment. But even if the Houses of Bush/Clinton could make it in, are these folks really what America needs right now? How can anyone claim they are the cream of the crop? And little Mr. Marco Roboto...he got so sucked up in his talking points that he sounded like a robot with a skip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGWPo7GqA6w Can Rubio overcome his poll-tested mini-speech disaster? Can Kasich keep his 2nd place polling at the election? Will Jeb finally throw the white hankey? Will Chris Christie drop out & hand to the Golden Corral? Will Ted Cruz find a new way to cheat? Stay tuned, sportsfans… & Congrats to Bronocs Nation!

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Neil Hooks on RIFRA Indian Freedom of Religion law, US Rep Steve Pearce, and City Counciler Miguel Silva...

Are Christians under fire & is real liberlaism dead? Plus the Rawson Report...

Duke gets another NCCA championship, as Illegals pour across the border, while USA makes another blunder in our Iran & Israeli relationships.

Duke or Wisconsin, as we ponder Rand, Cruzer, Walker, or ? against Hillary?

Good Friday, NCAAs, Terror Attacks & Local Astronomy...

Coming up on Passover, Easter & renewal, while Christianity & Judaism threatened by Radical Islam & Obama's Iranian Deal...

NCAAS, Brother Kev -- Tales from the Far North & Rawson Report...

Deal in Iran -- Saving the World....or WWIII?

Pilot flips out on psych medicine before crash as Dems & GOP search for leadership.