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Biden’s Debate Rudeness: Marxist Rebels Undermine Manners

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Why Biden, Obama & Modern Liberalism Represent a New Cultural Revolution

Observing Vice President Joe Biden’s repeated sneering at debate opponent Paul Ryan, some marveled at the voluble politician’s lack of protocol. Was he on pills, booze or just becoming a caricature of his irascible self in old age? In fact, there is a better way to interpret this behavior which is impossible to completely dismiss because it’s rooted in known political beliefs and core values.

After Barack’s strangely flaccid first-debate performance, it’s understandable why Biden felt a need to go on the offensive. After all, the ticket has begun to look as if it’s coming unglued, dropping as many as a dozen popularity points in some polls. Certainly, Biden had the heat turned up on him by the party to deliver a commanding win. Biden’s apparent strategy of trying to unnerve his foe while sitting close by Ryan and repeatedly laughing, scoffing, eye-rolling, interrupting and hectoring appeared tailor made.

Yet a deeper truth was revealed by the old Democrat. One could argue the Marxist theory of revolution was previewed in miniature during this debate. After all, wasn’t it Obama Administration members who repeatedly referenced Mao as a hero and leading light? We can see a similar notion to Biden’s strategic disrespect in Chairman Mao’s last great feat—his Cultural Revolution. This event, lasting from 1966-1976, also sought to demean, embarrass, disgrace, and undermine respectable people all over China to secure power.

What Biden offered was a rejection of Ryan’s ideas & wholesale repudiation of his standing as a gentleman, symbolized by Biden’s insults & refusal to acknowledge his opponent in closing. Status attacks are well-recognized in Marxism to mark victims for future outlawry or elimination.