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It Was Never About Obama — Why Barack is Just Puppet o’ Hope

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Liberalism Only Seeks Power & is Happy with Nothing Less, Despite the Price

If the first debate between Barack and Mitt proved anything, besides this emperor having no clothes, it’s that the point of electing Obama was never about his “genius.” It was simply a convenient leftist power grab, obscured by a ridiculous cartoon of leadership. As has been richly illustrated, despite all his intellectual bluster—Barack is no Einstein. After exposure as a cocky, know-nothing parrot of others’ words, it became startlingly obvious Barack has a very limited pool of knowledge. Like a blind man searching for his cane all evening, was Barack Obama “debating.”

Now certainly those working with Obama the past 5-10 years knew of his inherent limitations, that he was essentially an unthinking figure head for their movement. Further, they wagered with his grandiose self-image, belief in his own inevitable rise, preposterously condescending manner, and photogenic style, he’d be a perfect Trojan-horse to ride to victory.

So what has actually happened the last four years in the White House? Obviously, an elaborate fraud has been foisted upon a credulous, tired and intellectually inert American public. But why? Because liberalism is a movement so inherently illogical, unstable and anti-intuitive it needs leaders who are either dense blowhards, moral misfits, or literally insane to head the cause Alarmingly, modern liberalism (socialism, Marxism, Fascism, etc) is a political religion intent upon converting the world, even by sword, if necessary. So the real star of Obama’s administration is this quasi-religious, atheistic world movement which finds a surprising ideological partner in classic Islam. This menacing, anti-liberty movement will not rest until it has enslaved the globe.