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The Miracles of Chairman Obama

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Obama: Political Equivalent of Gresham's Law--Rise of the Anti-Leader

Can Barack leap factories in a single bound or defuse nuclear warheads with only his laser-like psyche? While breathless devotees believe so, the legend of the “world’s greatest leader” is actually an established trope within Marxist movements. In fact, it’s necessary such propaganda be presented by such movements to establish credibility.

Why? First, because leftist countries are typically in dire straights, needing great men to work superb feats of statecraft. Second, since these movements defy religion and all traditional political theory, they therefore present an ominous level of novelty. Here, an incredible captain is needed to steer such a new machine. Third, humanism is the essence of such movements, the leader must be the best of all people. And to have a superman-as-president makes not just perfect sense, but also maximizes the potential of such ideology. Finally, such movements have all the trappings of religion, offering a role for a new anti-religious pope.

Only one true Marxist revolution occurred in history, bringing Mao Zedong to power in China, becoming the greatest murderer in history. Mao was presented as godlike (much like Obama in 2007), the father of incredible feats. His miracles were presented to individuals increasingly traumatized by epic and utterly stupid government decision-making, ending up eliminating 77 million souls. (Mao’s bio: Who was Chairman Mao, Lionized by Obama’s White House?) Obama, too, was presented as a messianic political miracle-worker. And now, like all previous Marxist “messiahs,” Barack is exposed as utterly incapable of the simplest feats of leadership.