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Leftism & Ponerology -- Human Evil in Political Spheres

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Is Obama's Incipient Hatred of America A Sign of Spiritual, Moral or Psychological Defect?

Are mentally ill persons fated to ascend to power in socialist political movements? History proves this to be true. Yet, we must inquire further: Could a genuinely far left establishment be dominated by any type other than nut-cases, given the moral defects of Marxism?

The question, fortunately, answers itself. Granted, we see Lenin, Stalin and Mao as all quintessentially mad souls—quick to unleash violence on others. Yet today, many mental health practitioners and observant private persons see the only likely explanation of Barack’s hopelessly self-absorbed, superficial and harm-inducing personality as the result of a profound mental defect.

Ponerology is the study of institutionalized evil in high places. But is there such a thing as evil, or is what we call “evil” merely the lack of good in any particular situation? If evil exists, it seems to imply decision making which depends upon mankind’s freewill, misused. Whether any particular politician is evil, as opposed to merely clueless or lacking in the kind of training that fits one for the task, depends upon the details of each case. Here we examine the idea, and whether it applies to Barack Obama. The book is a study of what the editor calls:

Macro-social Evil: large scale evil that overtakes whole societies and nations, and has done so again and again since time immemorial. The history of mankind, when considered objectively, is a terrible thing.