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Sky is Falling! Religious Roots of Environmental Apocalypse

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Even Chicken Little Would Scoff at Agenda 21

Why do liberals always claim the heavens are coming down? From where originates the idea the earth is on the verge of total destruction because of mankind’s sins? Thankfully, we can answer this question quite easily. In fact, no unbiased, or well-crafted study has ever proved that earth is about to be destroyed. So what is the source of this pernicious and reckless fear-mongering? Surprisingly, (or perhaps not) the prophesied apocalypse is borrowed from the Bible writers from such books as Revelation by rank secularists intent on making their own beliefs memorable, important and highly dramatic.

Environmentalists are part of the Millenarian (thousand-year period) movement because of their fixation with apocalypse and the coming paradise on earth. In fact, all groups which prophecy a non-traditional apocalypse tend to fall into this group. For example, a main reason the Branch Davidians burned up in the fight with the feds is their leader David Koresh had developed a fatalistic, end-of-the-world view which saw them dying in an apocalyptic scenario. This article examines the religious foundation of these highly humanistic, radical environmental groups.