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Trinity Versus Tyranny—Final Battle Over Fate of Man

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Theology Doesn't Matter!" -- Yet, Heresy Dooms Society to Irrelevance & Destruction

This essay attempts to answer a baffling question: Why has the West for centuries dominated legal, artistic, religious and humanistic advances over the rest of the globe? The answer offered here is rooted in foundational theological concepts predominant in different religions. In brief, the claim is the doctrine of the trinity is a more powerful and subtle foundation for a society than radical monotheism, found in either Islam or Marxism.

One cannot argue traditional Christianity was anything but beneficial to the arts, sciences, law, statecraft and liberty. In fact, the West was founded upon a 2,000 year old experiment in Christian society building, but now awaits the menace of radical monotheism threatening to send the West into a brutal new Dark Ages. Put blankly, in a society where a singular vision is established, disseminated and made the only legal belief system, there will always be brutal tyranny enforcing this vision.

The argument of this essay is Western man is threatened by the evil impulses of radical monotheism, jealously seeking to replace classic Western trinitarian society. Whether one thinks the successes of trinitarian society are an accident of history, or by design, will naturally reflect one’s own religious presuppositions.