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Barack’s Smug Assault on Religious Freedom is Anti American

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Forcing Acts Against Conscience, Rescinded After Outcry, Reveals a Nefarious Obama

Could history’s greatest Republic be suffering total amnesia over the Founder’s conviction that religion is a sacrosanct zone outside of governmental authority? You’d think so, given the Obama administration’s decision to force Believers to provide birth control against conviction.

The Democrat’s sinister cabal, in typical Marxist fashion, clumsily politicizes yet another area of American freedom. We observe, again, the inevitable, serious-as-a-heart-attack, yet trite socialist power-grab.

Here, in his liberal kabuki theater, a pseudo-sincere, smart **** leftist drone solemnly dictates religious organizations must underwrite birth control. Undoubtedly, Barack and his pals chortled like hyenas over the resulting hand-wringing of sincere Believers.

But of extreme import to Barack is reminding everyone of the god that is government, with its inherent authority and right to do whatever it likes in the lives of Americans. Or, as Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark stated in response to a question during a town hall over Obamacare (video): “The federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.”

There is only one approach to religion endorsed by the Founders, described in the Constitution—absolute freedom to express one’s beliefs. With America’s greatest right—freedom of religion—threatened, it’s high-time for vexed Conservatives, Libertarians, and principled Liberals to oppose desecration of our Bill-of-Rights. This is the subject of this essay.