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A New Year's Mayan Calendar: Background & Prophetic Elements

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Is it Again the End of Ages, or More Grist for the Mill of the Naïve & Credulous?

Given 2011 has officially ended, and we've entered into 2012 of the Gregorian calendar, many folks are hand-wringing over this as the end of the age, or that the Apocalypse is finally at hand. This is because the Mayan Calendar says so! Or does it?

This article examines the theory that the Mayans foresaw the end of the world, as currently described by hundreds of new books, many of them available on Yet, before anyone goes out and gives away all their belongings, and locks themselves in a reinforced root cellar – don't forget we just experienced another “end of the world” hoax. Self-educated “pastor” and mortician-like heretic Harold Camping's cult declared the world over twice in the last 12 months!

More pointedly, one of the world's great experts on the ancient Maya and their calendar, David Stuart, claims modern descriptions of the “Mayan Apocalypse” is just another load of prophetic rubbish. This is the topic of the present essay, which will hopefully help the sophisticated reader to decide the issue themselves (in between ringing in the New Year!).

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