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Liberals Are 1,000 x Smarter Than Conservatives – Just Ask

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Mainstream Media is Too Lazy, Indifferent & Biased to Challenge Leftist Demagogues

One of the truly obnoxious aspects of modern political discourse is the presumption that one holds the political beliefs they do because of intelligence and education, or lack, thereof. Further, that liberals are smarter and better educated than conservatives, and so accept their beliefs as a matter of simple, ineluctable logic over ignorance and stupidity. This meta-story creates a side-effect of liberals not taking any other ideas, save their own, seriously. As a result, insults and bombastic posing have taken the place of actual dialogue. This has disastrously damage the ability of Americans to work through crises and disagreements into the shared responses of a true democracy.

What is missing from this dire situation is the acknowledgment there are often two or more positions which might be true. But instead of doing the heavy lifting of researching, thinking and debating in order to come to the truth, there is today a flurry of insults doled out to shut down any dialogue. Often, liberals attempt to claim higher ground and then launch a broadside of insults, knowing the mainstream media is too lazy, indifferent or biased to challenge the exchange. But there must be a better way to engage in political discourse, which is the topic of this essay.