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Peak Oil Scam is Based Upon Ideological, Fact-Blind Liberali

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While it cannot come as a surprise after so many liberal hoaxes, it's still shocking to find we've been duped again – this time by the “Peak Oil” myth. Peak Oil is the theory the world is on the verge of a catastrophic decline in global petroleum reserves that will result in major energy crises causing chaos across the world.

This notion has now been proved demonstrably false – yet, how was it accepted in the first place? It was the result of the hypothesizing of noted geologist Marion King Hubbert who claimed as a simple fact that oil production would reach a peak and then decline by 1970. But instead of being based upon provable data, this idea was the result of Hubbert's extreme leftist beliefs called “Technocracy,” which for short a time swept the world, capturing millions of cult-like followers. This is similar to the millions who pathetically cling to the Global Warming myth despite repeated examples of falsified proofs surfacing weekly.

Peak Oil theory has radically effected generations of leaders, public policy makers and the general populace. In doing it has robbed countless persons of cheaper energy and their countries of smarter energy policies. Further, Peak Oil has been taken by the environmental cabal as another proof that mankind is badly out of touch with the earth. But all recent data shows the globe is not running out of oil, but to the contrary we now have more discovered oil than ever before. And as technology improves, the number gets even higher. So how did Hubbert get it so badly wrong? This essay tells the story of Hubbert's massive mistake which still gravely deforms global energy policy to this day.