Obama’s “Leadership” Style is Classic Liberalism

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Things are so bad now in America that we have to ask – Could Barack even pull-off being Mayor of McDonald-Land? Barack's critics have been proven essentially correct in their initial analysis, that he had no leadership experience nor any apparent bent towards such. But consider to the degree in which his lack of leadership has been factually established in every scenario so far. Therefore we can say that not only did Barack bring no leadership skills into his presidency, but he has developed none after 2 years of experience. How pathetic! Therefore, Obama is a continuous threat to bring America down by the very next emergency or disaster he encounters.


What we see in Barack's childish failure is not only predictable but utterly inevitable given Obama's ideology – socialism as Trojan horse of Marxism. It is the thesis of this article that despite the wildly arrogant, quasi-religious claims of modern liberalism, aka socialism, that literally no track record exists of its historical success. And this is ultimately why Barack has failed – he simply has no vision of success for America because none can emerge from his Marxist beliefs. Instead, the only success he can deliver is America's capitalist collapse and rebirth as a socialist or communist undertaking.