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Obama Demands Israel Downsize: New Humbler Foreign Policy!

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If Barack's Deranged Ideas Start World War III, Would Anyone be Surprised?

Is it an illusion, or does Obama specialize in constant, shape-changing contradictions? He’s thrilled over his own “epic achievements,” daily shattering campaign promises. For example, Obama’s idea of “helping” our ally Israel is demanding they unilaterally surrender massive areas of territory to quiet their enemies, despite being bordered on every side by mortal foes. Have we mentioned these countries already invaded Israel multiple times without cause? But such appeasement will lead to “peace”—of course! Imagine an analogy—an undersized boy is ordered by his stepfather to “stop lifting weights” to get stronger to fight back against a bully, since once he gives up training the bully will logically lose interest! Make sense?

How can any still believe in Barack’s “genius”? He’s so disgustingly predicable when he intercedes in the Israeli-Palestinian fray to blithely carve the Jewish state to ribbons. That Obama would subjectively and unilaterally demand the Jews shrink their borders without any qualms astounds the educated thinker. It illustrates the dangers of hiring an inexperienced, doctrinaire professor to run a democracy.

The willful stupidity of Barack’s actions is jaw-dropping. First, Israel is a sovereign country. All the US aid in the world doesn’t change that fact. Hello? Second, how exactly does tiny Israel hemorrhaging huge sections of land in a region already dominated by armed and hostile Muslims help make them, and the region—more secure? Third, if this move is not pro-Muslim at Jewish expense, how else can it be described? Stopping Barack’s nonsensical Israeli policy to stabilize the region and stave off potential world war is the topic of this essay.