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Liberals See Taxes as Holy Sacrament & How This Destroys USA

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Marxism Equals Total Govt Ownership: Inevitable Result of Perpetual Deficit Spending

Are tax receipts really the strength of a nation? In the story of Joseph in Egypt, to save themselves during the 7 years of famine, the Egyptians slowly sold themselves into Pharaoh’s slavery in exchange for food, till all they owned was themselves. Likewise, today Obama proposes Americans avoid certain economic apocalypse by accepting his vision of perpetual do-nothing deficit spending and burgeoning tax regimen. And like ancient Egypt, if Americans follow this vision, we will all end up slaves. Yet, we won't be saved since the logical outcome of this is government will again own everything as we morph into default communism. There is no other possibility, since perpetual deficits can only lead to fiscal insolvency. Crazier, elites like Paul Krugman, and the ideologically deranged Georg Soros, expect us to believe that debt, in and of itself, is a sacred talisman, magically creating prosperity and peace.

If better societies resulted simply from skyrocketing taxes, paradise would have flourished in the USSR, instead of the smoldering hell on earth the Marxists created. Yet the logical end of current policies must lead to this end. Further, Obama's smart-aleck pursuit of such action, on the heals of excoriating Bush over the same, means that he is trying to guide America towards some spectacular denouement ending in an explosion and new formation, like a star exploding into a supernova, and then spiraling into a black hole death star. The misuse of tax policy to create certain economic death for America to push us into socialism or communism is the topic of this essay.