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Why Did He Even Bother Running? Obama Leadership Vacuum Menaces Globe

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Why Did He Even Bother Running? Obama Leadership Vacuum Menaces Globe Liberalism Exposed by Barack's Jaw-Dropping Incompetence Has any modern political figure ever squandered political goodwill in the manner of Obama – trading near messianic devotion from a hundred million for not even a cup of proverbial porridge in return? His political pratfalls only occur as often as he ventures to make decisions. But even the most hardened Obama backers had to shudder and roll eyes this week when Barack fixated on college basketball “brackets” instead of ongoing tragedy, chaos and the loss of thousands. It became transparent – in a way in which only disasters bring clarity – that Obama is a boy amongst men, only observing history's progress the way a cat mindlessly follows any moving object. If we see Obama as a metaphorical Boy Scout attempting a merit badge for Government Service, this might best illustrate his hazy understanding of the call to duty. It would appear Barack mistook his “mandate” for Woody Allen's quip – "Eighty percent of success is just showing up.” If we further add to Obama's CV an abused and lost childhood, spent in the hinterlands with a Hippy-whack-mama and various Marxist father figures, we begin to plumb his psychic pain. Add layers to the onion of leftist college pals, and decades of a vengeful Marxist pastor, his orientation becomes crystal clear. The Obama's utter lack of conviction, married to a misunderstanding of history, democracy and capitalism, and then issues of mental competency make this one of the worst presidencies in hsitory. We are apparently one simple crisis away from a total leadership collapse. When, in the midst of one of history's strongest earthquakes, an associated nuclear disaster, and political meltdown in Libya and across the Middle East, Obama reveals childish instincts, we need to hit the reset button with 2 years left. This is the subject of this essay.