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Welcome to the Red Fox's Den! Things are going to happen here which I hope will keep you engaged. Things will be tough and some topics brutal, but that is the nature of the world we live in... Welcome

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Islam (...must be a Friday...) Swine Control! Illegals deliberately setting forest fires in the USA. Transgendered Prom Queen ( Oh, please..!) Rochdale Sex Grooming Case (Islamists are pigs..) Please listen Tues and Fri 8PM ET (and to... more

Morsi's wife wants to be a First Servant (Good Muslim wife..) Racism and Idiocy. Gay activists for Palestine, knock it off. (And lay off my Canadian aka Dominion Day). Thanks to Jimmy Z Zulz and Ken Pettigrew. Ontario Death Panels and... more

"MUSLIMS GONE WILD!" (But was it justified?) Natasha Smith: (I'm avoiding swears here...) Lonesome George. Happy Canada Day! Please listen Tues and Fri 8PM ET and to the odd impromptu show.

Islam (another day in the week...) Inside a CAIR "Civil Liberties" conference. Omar Khadr, Canada's lil' jihadist. Send Obama a gravy boat - and a Hallmark card! Please listen Tues. and Fri at 8PM ET and to the odd impromptu show.

Remembering Neda Palestine kids BLOW UP so fast! Watch the Spanish swears on the air? EDL's Birthday was on Friday (We hope you had a great one, Geoff!) ..more Please listen Tues and Fri at 8PM ET and to the odd imprumptu show... more

More Islam (Must be Tuesday...) Gotta love "Multiculturalism..." Convert to islam - child abuse? Neal Boortz Slams a Muslim Caller (must listen!) Please listen Tues, Fri at 8PM ET and to the odd impromptu show.

A very special tribute to all the Dads out there. Happy Father's Day My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. - Jim Valvano

Sgt. 1st Class Walter Taylor (ANOTHER MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, just like 1st Class Lt. Michael Behenna...) Canada's Conservative government has joined a growing international campaign aimed at persuading the International Olympic... more

What else...Islam... (they never stop...) Is Afghanistan the new Vietnam? Kim Phuc Phan Thi Please listen Tues and Fri 8PM ET (and to the odd impromtu show).

Canada may leave the United nations. (It left the Tourism Board and kicked out the Syrian Ambassadors). Michael Behenna (...and Shannon Assid is barking mad...) Muslims at it again... I am in love with "Defence of Freedom" and the... more