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Islamic Issues, Sharia Law, Islamic Doctrine and it's Theocracy.

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Ministers have been told to admit the true extent of fraud in the (Islamic aiding and abetting. Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It exists in a number of different countries. And our Governments in the West are complicit. Stop this madness, demand it be stopped. The Weekly Oz Report by one of the Best Counter Jihadists ever, Mike Holt: Islam4Infidels advanceaustraliahq@gmail.com Advance Australia Party Welcome to RFB Radio with Kel Fritzi, where the program is often joined by Prolific Blogger, Reporter, and Counter Jihadist, Joshua of Fahrenheit 211 and Fahrenheit 211 VIDME We ARE at the Nth Degree to the boiling point… We are the Infidels your Imam warned about… A huge Thank You to High Plains Pundit Join us Mondays and Thursdays @ 2PM ET! Ask to join our Facebook Page @ Infidels Are Watching "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.?
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ISIS has been defeated. That's the official word out of Iraq. But don't count it out just yet. We beat ISIS twice before. Once in its previous incarnation as Al Qaeda in Iraq and in its even earlier incarnation as Saddam Hussein's regime... more

Christianity and Judaism Believers CONTINUE to be slaughtered by Islam ~ in the 21st Century. What are our "entrusted" governments and world bodies like the UN doing about it? The Weekly Oz Report by our Mike Holt: Islam4Infidels... more

Omar Ahmed Sayid Khadr, enemy combatant, killer of American Army Medic, Christopher Speer, and blinding Sergeant First Class Layne Morris in one eye due to the grenade he confessed to tossing at our Allies during a firefight in... more

Vlad Tepes of Vladtepesblog joins Kel to talk about what happened in Hamburg, Germany over the week-end... Rioters at the G20 summit in Germany set a series of bonfires in the streets, looted shops, and stacked up blocks of... more

We have been hearing the refrain, "Nothing to do with Islam" for what seems like forever (or at least since 2001 in our recent history). We need to know EXACTLY where Moslems stand on the issue. The "Islamists don't represent us"... more

There is good but challenging news on the horizon for Tim. He is appealing his conviction. And in light of how the Crown handled his case, he has a good chance at success. We wish him the BEST in this endeavour... The Oz Report from... more

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the "Ground Zero mosque", once again wrote a deeply inaccurate article reprimanding Americans for their supposedly "right-wing caricature" of Islamic law, sharia, which he insists is not a threat to American... more

Wild Bill for America was arrested at the Canadian Border - good grief... He will join us to discuss. Please check out his website @ Outlaws Chapel and listen to him on his You Tube Channel Oz Report from the prolific Mike... more

A Liberal bill that would make it easier for people to become Canadian citizens has passed the Senate, after over a year of back-and-forth in Parliament. Bill C-6 was designed to repeal many of the previous Conservative... more

How much more can London, UK endure... Between Known Islamic Wolves and Slum Lords.... This World Class City is indeed suffering.... A terrible attack in the beautiful District of Columbia... The horrid shooting at a baseball practice ~... more