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Islamic Issues, Sharia Law, Islamic Doctrine and it's Theocracy.

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We can't control everything, including the encroachment of Halal product, I have a few ideas which may help you as a consumer... LGBTQ is further boiling my blood (Hamilton, Ontario events and what it is doing to Lindsay Shepherd)... We have... more

Canada's border-security agency will soon require all border-security officers working with detained migrants to wear defensive gear that includes batons, pepper spray and bulletproof vests... Canada continues to give away our... more

Sugar Shack is no more... An article from the Simple Facts of Life website... Boycotting Home Depot due to an idiot... A Heroine in Denmark... An update on Tommy Robinson?... Kel is so sick of whiners... Welcome to RFB Radio with... more

That's our purpose - to clean the houses of Muslims, and they are cruel masters... Muslims rejoice over Tommy Robinson's guilty verdict... Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen are hell-bent on destroying Canada. Like the Democrat Party,... more

For G_d, For Country, For Freedom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l140o6Rph1M

Islam and ambitions... Greedy Pigs in the UK receives threats...Trudeau screws up again.. Wammin at it again... Holger Awakens has a show this Friday!!... More... Two Average Dudes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2BfQWL3Zko... more

( NOTE: James' Sirname is pronounced with a soft "G" I was pronouncing with the hard "G." My apologies to his family and to his memory). Three-year-old Jamie Bulger was killed in 1993 by two young boys who tortured Jamie, rubbed paint... more

From her blog, Cheri Berens relates a horrible event from Egypt, 2013... Wammin complaining about public bathrooms, Kel has to advice for them... Facebook should be shut down (an article explains - WARNING: Graphic content...) An... more

White replacement?... Muslims in positions of power... Refugee Week in the UK... Reparations!!??... Ramzpaul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vktM9xCkomw Welcome to RFB Radio with Kel Fritzi and Co… We discuss the... more

Another victory for Quebec as Bills 9 and 21 are passed - Muslims not happy... My Little Pony becomes the latest victim of the Gay Corporation... Our World is Conservative with Chandler Crump... Kel pisses off a D-list actor... more...... more