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Is it just me?

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This broadcast is just an icebreaker.

The first thing I want to know is for those who've read my posts for the past four years is what have you thought about them. Am I missing something? Am I way out the box? Have I insulted you? Pissed you off? If so, how....or have I been on point? Is there anything in particular I've written that has stuck with you? Have I motivated you in any way?

Do you believe there's a message in your dreams.Ever embraced a deceased loved one in a dream, really feeling it like realtime and awoke feeling the pressure of that embrace around your upper body?  I bet we all have some interesting episodes.

Do you believe the problem with so many shootings in these times is a mental or physical problem. Meaning is it the guns or the minds of todays youth being video game and rap lyric mentalisized. I belive the latter.

How do you handle road rage. I'm sure for many there's a better way. Lets help each other out here.

Just for fun...What were the best live concerts you're ever attended. I'm old skool !!! Those PUSH EXPO concerts at Chicago's Ampitheater in early and mid 70's were the bomb. And the old Mill Run Theatre in Niles, IL hosted some of the greatest concerts ever.

Will talk with Joe Stroter about Friday evening "Mo Better Jazz" show at House of Bing.