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Dedicated to the arts, religion and politics. I am a published poet, write for a poltical blog, and have taught at the college level.

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This will be a discussion of Isis and how it could/should be seen by the the West. It does not appear to have much chance of long term survival. There are a great many factors that work against it, which I will discuss.

This will be a report on the conservative/Repubican world, spawned by my attendance at a yearly Republican dinner titled "Lincoln Day." What do Republicans talk about with one another on the local level, and does it have... more

This will be a look at some interesting current topics, including the IRS scandal, taking picutres for gay weddings, the generation wars and Jeb Bush on immigration.

I will look at this question in Part 2: Why do Americans seem to require drugs as a part of their lives? America gives a lot of excuses for its drug usage, including social and personal reasons.

This will be a look at America and its overwhelming use of drugs. There is a lot that is new about America's drug use, and a lot that is old.Doctors have changed the rules concerning the use of drugs. Some of it has helped humanity,... more

This will be a continuation of yesterday's show on the social ramifications of the 2008 econimic crises.

The economic situation since 2008 has changed the America society, and most of this change has been for the worst. I'll have to think long into the night to think of anything good.

I will continue where I left off on my last show and talk about issues of interest. Everything keeps changing, but, of course, it also appears to stay the same.

I will try once again to do a show. This will be a discussion of what interests me around the world. Robert Plant was correct when he sang: The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath. Are writ in gold the magic runes to bring the... more

This will be a show on topics of interest and how they will shape 2014. Unemployment and the upcoming elections are high on the list.