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Dedicated to the arts, religion and politics. I am a published poet, write for a poltical blog, and have taught at the college level.

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A show that will take a look at the issues I think matter. I will throw in a comment or two about Thanksgiving. There is plenty happening, of course, so I will have to pick and choose. Eat well.

This will be a look at the left and the art world. It is assumed by the majority of conservative America that artists are by nature leftist. I will take a begining look at this subject which I am sure I will be looking at again later on in another show.

This show will be a look at the candidates running for the Republican nomination. The issues of the day will also be worked into the discussion.

A personal look at how the real estate title world has evolved over the last 20 years. I will give a personal point of view from the experiences I have had in the standard residential business world and the world of foreclosures.

This will be my Saturday show on the issues that matter. There is a lot going on so I cannot cover it all, but the show will hopefully include the election, Mormonism, the generation fight, and default.

I will venture into the Greek question again. The situation begins to raise the questions of how a democracy functions. Who is in charge anyway? If time permits I will discuss other issues as well.

A look at the topics that matter, which includes an ongoing discussion of many issues that have been discussed in the past. It is the usual group of suspects at it again.

I promise to talk about Ron Paul this time. I was so caught up in the topics I had yesterday that Ron Paul was left out. Reports are that he is hinting he will run as a third party candidate if necessary. I will also get into how... more

This will be a look at the topics of the week that matter. These will include the larger themes of the American constitution and the modern female outlook.

This is a more in depth look at revolutionary politics. Mass movements have produced some horrifying results. So have revolutions from the top. Revolution in America history has had a very mixed record.