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Dedicated to the arts, religion and politics. I am a published poet, write for a poltical blog, and have taught at the college level.

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America, under the direction of Barack Obama, is beginning to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Should this have been done sooner or not at all? I shall look into the matter.

I will discuss the recent torture report released by the US Senate in light of thr history of the CIA throughout my lifetime. Just like the economy, the CIA goes in cycles.I will give a brief description of my first hand experience with spying and... more

This show will be a discussion of the myths that nations, races, and civilizations use to perpetuate themselves. All too often a belief in something that may not be true is seen as a positive, life-sustaining good.

This will be the show I was supposed to do last week. I will discuss two aspects of the immigration issue: overpopulation and economy.

I will discus the verdict in favor of the police in Ferguson, Mo. and the subsequent protests in light of many civil rights events of the past. Ferguson's legacy in the civil rights movement is in doubt.

This will be a look at the immigration issue, taking into account the past history of America. A lot of what we do today is based on what we think about yesterday.

This will be an ongoing discussion of the process that puts our leaders in power. Like the candidates themselves, it is the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This show will be a discussion of the political process America uses to elect its government. It claims a higher moral ground because it holds democratic elections, yet it has low voter turnout and is trapped by the two party system. In... more

This will be a show where I cover the current topics that are of interest. There is an upcoming election, ebola, etc...

This will be a continuation of the show from yesterday on ISIS. Today I will discuss the American involvement and the cynicism surrounding the war in Syria.