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The Woman He Wants


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Can’t understand your man? Having trouble in your relationship? Do you feel hes playing mind games? Why doesn’t he spend more time with me? What kind of woman does he like? How to tell if he still loves you? The men at www.keeptheguy.com will teach you the Secrets most women never knew about when it comes to meeting and keeping a great MAN! Learn ways to please your man and make him yours, the things women do that annoy men and kill intimacy, what really goes on inside a man's mind, how to "cheat-proof" your relationship, and why he might be tempted, the inside tips about the tell-tale signs of a great guy, what to do if your man has a "wandering eyes". This show will teach you how to meet and date without losing sight of who you are as a person. Myths about relationships that TV, the media and all those self-help books try to instill in people will be debunked. This show will provide you with tools to think outside your dating box. EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT 1 HOUR 9:00PM EST

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A lot of women are under the notion that men tend to think and behave like children and some of them do, but the worst thing a woman can do is treat him like a child. There are times when arguments will occur and severe... more

Welcome listeners! Tonight we here at keeptheguy.com, dedicated to your audio enlightenment; will debunk a few myths associated female sex. For example, we are going to discuss why women are NOT better at cheating than men, the... more

Today's show embarks upon understanding the phrase "everybody's got a situation". We intend to skim the surface of the mindset of men that are in committed relationships, who continue to interact intimately with additional... more

There men who teach people how to trick you into bed, We are going to break it down

guest Diana Williams talks Commitment

HOTLINE (646) 478-4934 Guest Glenn Johnson talks about what women should want in a man. And why (the cat) has no power. ( Every woman has one, so what makes it special? Things can only have value if they're scarce... cat isn't scarce)... more

We are going to touch on the 4 things a woman needs to have the perfect relationship & Mothers day