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The podcast to sit back, lay back, talk, chat, rant, whatever you are doing, with no pressures, expectations, etc. Come as you are, say what you want, talk about what you want, and keep it relatively PG-13, because we try to be fair to all people, allowing a certain amount of flare; hence rating. What's wrong? No one likes to hear you talk? No one likes to hear you rant? Boo-hoo? We do that here, and welcome it, and you, and your problems. Why? There is a serious lack of care about the opinion of the common man, so we invite you to come on, with the rest of us, rant, rave, chat, but most importantly, keep it reel. Reel. Movie fans secretly inject their love for movies even within self-help. <3 We are done mostly for 2014. See u later! XOXO (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --no drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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Sometimes in life, you lose battles. You are overwhelmed, defeated, and put in place, but sometimes by the right forces. Sometimes you need to get in line, and listen to what a higher purpose, a higher power, and people that are more... more

Idea was thrown around on a very late night call, and I thought it would be great to throw together some VERY memorable clips from this past year's podcasting, which is now history. I hope you listen in and enjoy this as much as we enjoyed... more

Hello everyone. My shows are finally over as far as how we knew them. However, I just recently found out some information about my own finances with the shows, and I definitely still want to do SOMETHING creative in the future, so I will be... more

(final show) Tonight we are going on our next Mommie Dearest show where we talk about people that think it's oh so faaaaabulous & cool to be dark, obsessed with dark things, evil, badness and the supposed powers within. Yeah, okay.... more

Join us tonight for the first Mommie Dearest show, where we talk about the ALS Ice Challenge Videos and our opinions on them, as well as other subjects such as identity, validation, life, rights & all that other fun stuff. Join myself Huggy & my... more

Welcome to this show where we continue the raw, real, getting dirty, & filthy honest chats about people with disabilities, setbacks, differences, how to handle dramatic affairs, hypocricy and all sorts of things we have learned from the past... more

Tonight we talk on a 'Getting Dirty' show, which is going to be the part 1, and we talk about life as we get downright dirty, and filthy honest about our own lives, fears, and everything that comes along with it. We'll also briefly be talking about... more

Join us tonight as we talk about some entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring movies that have come out, which we have had the luck of seeing. I talk to my co-host about interesting ideas for movies, games, fashion, so on &... more

We do a continuation of the previous show we had as we talk about "The New Blood and onto Freddy vs Jason" piecing together the movies. Running out of time is never an option, so we decided to do this show, but with a different... more

with Christopher Highland, author of Tommy Jarvis, which conveniently gave us a much needed continuity after Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, and tonight he is invited back on so we can bridge together the movies from the 1st to the very... more