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Decoding The Butterfly Promise

Keeping the Promise


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Join us for a guided meditation I call Centering in the Three R's. Doing this meditation daily for 15 minutes will help you keep your energy high, tuned and aligned during this exciting and action packed 2013. This Youtube by... more

We have passed over the bridge into the new way of being and what an exciting challenge it is. We are now entering the journey of returning to wholeness. This journey and the reasons behind is are described in my book, Decoding the... more

When earth catastrophes happen, what happens to us? We are all cells and part of the body of Mother Earth and we are all in this experience together. It's our challenge to be part of the solution no matter what the problem. How do we see... more

Following in the wake of the past two episodes dealing with fear and how fear messes up our energy system, on this episode you will be taken on a guided meditation to cut energy cords and do some energy balancing in your bodies'... more

Let's call this FEAR Part 2. as we explore what happens when we carry fear within our energy, How does FEAR rob us of energy and block our flow? We will discuss energy drainers, cords, energy attacks,and subtle fears such as... more

False events that appear to be real....that's an acronym for FEAR. And it's one of of the best ways to look at fear. This session we will focus on fear and it's opposite. What is the opposite of fear? Allowing. What is love? Allowing. Ahh,... more

Today, as promised, we are going to address the event that happened eons ago that caused us to become so out of balance in our inner as well as outer feminine or right brain powers. It is a story as fantastic as a great fairytale, complete... more

In this session we will explore balance and imbalance in our personal energy, how we lose it, how we find it again and how we keep it. To begin with, think of yourself as a bag (body) of energy. We are the essence and the merger of both... more

We invite you to join us as we explore the subject of Gail's new book Decoding the ButterflyPromise,and begin to reawaken our awareness of the Promise each human has made and what it is we are called upon to do inorder to return to our... more
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