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To talk about explosive topics where no one else dares to go. Get ready for mouth of the south.

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Today we're going to talk about 9/11. We're going to discuss the NYPD, FDNY, 911 calls, Victims....ETC. Please join me as we reflect on the courageous people who sprang into action and how they've coped since that dreadful day

Looking at the life of Rev Al Sharpton. What role does he play in community tragedies? And why? Let's talk

Let's talk about the recent uprising deaths in Daycares. Why are the licensing agencies not monitoring these facilities? What should we do to protect our children? Let's tal

today's show reflects on the shooting of " Michael Brown", the rioting and what the police are saying about the officer. Please dial in to talk to me live on your thoughts about the rise in police brutality. (646)478-565

Today's show reflects on videos via you tube, world star hip hop and other social media sights, where videos of young people throwing beat downs. What should the victims do in this situation? What should the parents of the victims... more

Today's show is based on a childhood friend named Nelson Nidal, who has passed away and (up until a very gentle soul got involved) Nelson was going to be sent to potters field. We need help with funds to cremate and have... more

How to define and recognize a predator. Protecting your child. Websites to help you educate your child, what to look out for.

Today's discussion stems from all the "Police Brutality" we read and hear about. Victims such as Sean Bell, Abner Louima, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin and many other victims. Police brutality is also defined as Police officers that rob and... more

I believe that when our creator gives us the miracle of having a child, it is our duty to love, teach, and make them our priority. Some mothers are so EVIL, that they Kill their children for different reasons. Today we will explore the Top five baby... more

Do you think this another bad move on Obamas list of mistakes? Keep in mind on how bad his " Healthcare proposal" is going. Call in and tell me your thoughts....