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SDC OmniMedia Group's KDTN BlogTalk Radio with Music in Review of artists and personal interviews from KDTN Radio One Music with today's top artists. Thank you for listening.

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Freddie Jackson - CD title : Love & Satisfaction How do you become a LEGENDARY FIGURE? Many people will live their entire lives without even trying to fathom the answers. However, one man could write a book about seeing... more

From the book "Vinyl Knights" by Kenneth Howard Smith, "Merrell was eighteen years old at that time, and had been recording up the coast with a group called the Impacts. They had recorded this album called "Wipe out", surf music... more

Show courtesy of SmithBits Talk Radio's Rant and Rave Show. Marianne Faithfull tells all. It was her boyfriend Count Jean Breteuil. For 43 years she never told the authories about this, but since Count Jean offed himself to a herion overdose in... more

PBS 1970's TV Music Special with patti LaBelle and great artists of the 1970s.

In the last days of the final cut for the movie "Coolly High", the theme song plays the most part of setting the movie's mood and the course of action. The singer is the next most important person to a film's projection of the action. In this... more

Berry Gordy Jr. on the passing of his sister Anna Gordy Gaye -- ?My sister Anna was the glamour girl of the family. She was beautiful, sexy, playful, lovely. Men loved her but she lived for her family, especially her younger brothers of which I... more

YAY!!! My Friends I'm Dreaming Bigger Then I Ever Have Before In 2014!!! I Can't Even Tell You How EXCITED I Am... Tonight I Had An Hour 1/2 Conference Call With My Behind The Scenes Music Manager & He Has Some Really AMAZING... more

Carla Weston heads 1960's Antelope Valley Band Reunion at Hilton Gardens in Palmdale CA Starting July 19, 2014 ARROYO GRANDE CA (IFS) -- +Merrell Fankhauser reports that a reunion of all the bands of the Antelope Valley from... more

When the Sound of the Motor City is more than a song and the titles and lyrics are coded love messages. Berry Gordy, Jr., and Michael Alonzo Hanks were once great friends and worked for the Chrysler Company together. After works they... more

SDC Radio Networks Top 50 Music for 2013 - Show Eight 1. Amy Barbera - Walking On The Stars KDTN Radio One Add - Oh My Heart - All Day Long 2. Randy Morris - Runaway KDTN Radio One Add - Amanda Canzulo - Piece Of... more
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