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Come Let Us Reason Together . . . about the Economy

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Join me tonight as we look for the reason in the decision being made regarding our economy.  Three things are on my mind about real change in our economy, and I'm sure others have similar views or reasons why it wouldn't work, but I'm going to share my thoughts tonight.  First, what if we did start making what we needed and wanted?  I'm not talking about everything being home spun, but that's not bad either, but back to made in America . . . Second, what would happen to our economy if we quit being the world's nanny?  I'm not talking about helping in a crisis or calamity, but I'm talking about subsidizing so many nations to continue to need subsidizing?  What if we spent half of what we're throwing at them to actually instruct and if they decline the instruction, then that's an answer.  The third expense I'd like to re-evaluate is the idea that we need to police the entire world.  I know, I know, I've heard we'd rather fight "them" whoever them is that day, over there, than here on American soil.  Well the entire world has known our military has been out of town for the past decade and nobody's come here to fight, so that tells me something that I think needs to be noticed.  Those are the three for now that could significantly change our economy, at least our expenses.
Join me tonight as we attempt to reason together about the economy.