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Privatized Banking Initiative - Will Your Money Expire Before You Do?

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You will be fascinated to learn about Privatized banking as Chuck interviews Privatized Banking expert, Mr. David Letourneau. Privatized Banking is simply a financial structure that will give you a way to grow your wealth in a virtually risk-free vehicle, while protecting it from lawsuits and creditors (in most states), and returning it to you tax-free when you decide to enjoy that wealth at some future date. Please listen to the benefits of this vehicle and I know you will agree that this is worthy of further research: * It is about how you finance the things in your life. * When properly structured, you will have the opportunity to recapture the interest and principal that you currently pay to banks, finance and mortgage companies for such things as cars, vacations, appliances, homes, investments and business equipment. For the average American, the interest alone represents 34.5% of their total lifetime income and those that follow this plan will have the chance to get it back and make it part of their net worth. * Your money is administered by some of the strongest, most conservative financial service companies in the world. * In fact we only work with companies that have extremely long track records and have never lost a penny of principal or interest for any client and they provide a guarantee of annual growth. * That means that you will know in advance, that you will enjoy growth of your wealth, no matter whether the stock, bond or other markets are up down or sideways. * They will also share their profits with you through dividends when they have a good year; and of the companies we work with, most have paid dividends every year without interruption since before the great depression of the 1930’s. * Your account may be protected from lawsuits, judgments and creditors. * Future withdrawals will be tax-free in most cases.