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Come Let Us Reason Together

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Good afternoon in the Central Time Zone.  Please allow me to make my introduction.  I am K D Elizabeth, and I am a member of the Other 1 Percent.  I don't really know if that's an accurate figure, but I am well aware that I am not in the high end 1 Percent and I don't really share the same financial focus as those who call themselves the 98%, so by default I refer to myself as a member of the Other 1 Percent.

We aren't non-conformists, per say, there is just a group of people often seen as cult like, who are choosing to simplify, seek Scriptural answers, and opting out of more recognized conventional cultural practices.  That's who we are.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a new venue for information.  Many of us have been troubled by the inundation of conflicting information, often seeming even to be misleading.  I have accepted the position of editor of a new source of news called The Goshen Gazette.

Today I invite you to join me as we reason together.  Just what is the value of truth and what is the cost of untruth, a.k.a. misinformation?  When time is at a premium, do we take the time to sort through what we are being told?  Do we really know the difference between information and programming?  Come let us reason together . . .