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The Other 1 Percent

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Good Thursday morning!  One more day after this to the week-end.  I think I have one more week before I get back to making bread on Fridays.  I do miss making the challeh.  It is just one of those calming chores around the house that accomplishes something tangible as well as actually provides an outlet for stress.

I want to talk about working with our hands today.  Somehow in our society that became something to really kind of look down up.  What's with that?  I get rather amuzed as these college boys "wanna be geeks" as they speak their technonese like they'll be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates,   I guess they don't realize that these two guys were actually using their hands building something and oh by the way, had such spirit about it that they weren't spending their parent's money or racking up loans to stay in college.  I'm by far not against education, but I am against mental programming and the idea that a piece of paper reflects intelligence.  Didn't anyone see The Wizard of Oz?

I'm tired of reading and hearing all the political complaints.  Let's complain about laziness in the education system today, shall we?