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Come Let Us Reason Together


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Join me in discussing the way things are changing and what we need to do to prepare for the things that are to come. What choices will we have? What choices do we have now? How will we know what to do to make the right choices in choosing life for ourselves and for the generation to come? Are you feeling alone or a bit isolated in your views? I would encourage, introduce, and invite you to small but growing number of people who are realizing being outcast from materialism and political correctness is not necessarily a bad thing. I like to call us the Other 1%. Is your life in transition? Does your life need to be in transition? Just how does one go about choosing their life course, their way of life? I invite you to come let us reason together.

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Good Monday afternoon. I'm figuring out a format and will be introducing it as we progress through the week. Today we're going to address The Other 1 Percent and the idea that many are considering leaving the rat race for a more simple,... more

Good Friday afternoon. Can you believe it, the week is about to come to an end? Today is Preparation Day, making ready for a complete day of rest, on Sabbath; and then Sunday there is also the celebration of Purim, documented in the... more

I'm struggling today with my computer connection, so if the show begins late or ends early, it's because I have no control over what is happening with the internet, today . . . or any day for that matter. I'm going to share a bit about getting real,... more

Good afternoon. I'm truthfully embarassed about yesterday. Here as I try to get myself organized, I discovered I had set my alarm on the other computer. Let's talk about religion as it is recognized today. Just what are the components that... more

A real quick mentioned today. I think we've finally got this blogtalkradio business figured out, well for basic use anyway . . . So hopefully we'll be able to hit the ground running next week!I'd like to just take a few minutes today to introduce... more

Good afternoon from the Ozarks in the Central Time Zone. We've got to talk today about gardens. We just have to and I'm going to include some of my links, so you can visit at your leisure. Our food supply is being tampered with and there is... more

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon in the Central Time Zone, and it's just a few hours til Sabbath or Shabbat as it's called in Hebrew. Many people, of course, believe in Sunday worship and so do I. I believe we are to worship our Creator every day,... more

Good afternoon in the Central Time Zone. Please allow me to make my introduction. I am K D Elizabeth, and I am a member of the Other 1 Percent. I don't really know if that's an accurate figure, but I am well aware that I am not in... more

Good morning. Glad it's Friday. I've come to understand a new kind of preparing here on Preparation Day and I'm looking forward to it. Today our subject will be rest and relaxation. I'm a bit of a "human doing" myself, as I mentioned and I'm... more

Good morning! Well the Greetings War has begun just one week into Shopping Season. Polls are being taken, posts are being posted. Photoshop art is abundant. As with any issue, the people that feel the strongest are the loudest... more
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