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To showcase all positive local residents, their talents and companies in Youngstown, Ohio.

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For the past few episodes I had guest stop my show and today I will discuss all the happenings that took place in Youngstown. Let you know it's a lot so sit back and get ready to hear all the fun we had here in Youngstown.

I have been invited to broadcast live from an event called Kindergarten Here I Come. If you recall I broadcast live at this event last year. If you missed it, Kindergarten Here I Come is a program that helps make the transition from... more

Marcus Boyd is a well known producer here in Youngstown. A lot of local artist use him for beats, and production. He wasn't always a producer though. As Drake says "Started from the bottom now I'm here". This is definitely Marcus... more

TGB Ent has made their return back to Youngstown Spotlight. They will discuss their past events, upcoming events, and what are their plans for St. Patrick's Day.

I will be interviewing Youngstown's own Demetrius Washington, who is the CEO of his own business. He has all the gadgets and clothing for women and men. Tune in to learn more.

Ciara Washington was born and raised in Youngstown and moved from the area for school. She will be on Youngstown Spotlight to talk about her very interesting business for women, and her family. Stay tuned to hear what kind of business... more

Youngstown's Own Singer Joselyn "JP" Parker will be in the building speaking about her personal business, and her Demo Tape Release Party coming up on Valentine's Day. Stay tuned to hear about her and what she does.

Today is the first of the month and the month of February has a lot of fun events going on in the city. Also yours truly, your DJ, has a lot to be excited for. Tune in to hear what's new.

On today show of Youngstown Spotlight I will discuss all the past events and some events that are coming up that you want to mark your calendars for. Tune in to hear all the excitement that has been going on and all that will be coming up.

LayKeisha Randall will be in my studios to talk about her party planning business here in Youngstown, Ohio, and what is in store for her and her business in 2014.