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Welcome to Kat Tales!! I have another show I do here on Blogtalk called Hey Kat!! Sundays at 3 PM Pacific. Join me and my guests here on my new show to talk about all things Paranormal. I enjoy doing shows about UFOs, and Cryptozoology as well. Its all good!! This fascinating universe has much to uncover. I hope you can listen in and join us in the chat room. Take it easy everyone!!

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If you have never heard of the Bell Witch, this is the show for you!! This legendary chunk of land is steeped in both haunt, and hype. Did the ghost of Kate Batts kill John Bell? It is said that this is the only documented case of ghostly murder.... more

This is a first in a 4 part series called HAUNTED OR HYPE? The Knickerbocker Hotel in California has many stories ranging from the ghost of Marilyn Monroe seen in the bar, to the infamous seance held on the roof on Halloween in 1936.... more

Why do people desecrate Slave burial grounds and build over them? Some do with dire consequences for those that live over these sacred places. Also..where can you go to actually buy reputed " Haunted Real Estate?" Lets talk about it... more

Tonight lets explore the possibilities of the Gray Man that people see walking along the beach before a big storm hits. Who is this man and what does he want? Join me for a fascinating hour about this legend on Kat Tales!!!

What compels people to pull gravestones and build over the cemetery? What are the dangers of doing so? Lets talk about it tonight!! On Kat Tales..

One of my favorite subjects is Bigfoot. This creature has been seen in all 50 states, and most countries. What is this large bipedal animal? We will spend this hour talking about the legendary beast.

My good friend Bryan Moss is on the show. Bryan is a seasoned Tarot reader, having done readings for hundreds of people. His story is always fascinating..join me as he shares his story with you!! Since this show is only an hour,... more

Join me tonight as we talk about the phenomenon known as "Devine Intervention." What is it, and why is it so significant in peoples lives? Lets explore this fascinating topic. I am also going to address a cause near and dear to my... more
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