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Serenity Program


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As a conduit, I hold my attention and intention in the highest multidimensional realms, thereby offering my clients sacred messages and the space to evolve

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Thomas Hood observed "no shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds. Outside silvery grey shafts reveal a familiar landscape stripped of pretense. Behind closed doors, glowing amber fires shed light upon the Real. Like a woman who has found her authenticity, November's beauty radiates from within." Join me as we stroll down the path and remember All we have to be grateful for. We have been given an extravagance of riches, if only we are open to receive.
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If you haven't watched this or heard this You tube video titled "Why I think the world should end?. i would now like to begin the show with this-... more

When someone passes away we pay our respect by giving them a moment of silence. The relevance and importance of this is to take the time and pause and to reflect. If we don't pause, how can we possibly reflect? The same holds true for... more

Join Kathy Bradley as we continue the discussion on The Shift of Consciousness. It is the shift in perception. We are letting go of who we are not. The chaos that is erupting and surrounding us is very often not even "our stuff". If it's not my stuff... more

Lisa Warner, author of The Simplicity of Self-Healing joins Kathy Bradley as we discuss the grand shift of consciousness that is taking place. You are moving out of the duality of the 3rd dimensional matrix and structures, and... more

Wake up to a new way of being, loving and understanding your life. Breathing is the key to unlock your doors. You try to complicate this simple gift. Be aware of every breath. Be in the present moment, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is... more

"The heart of creativity is an experience of the mystical union; the heart of the mystical union is an experience of creativity. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy. There is an underlying, in-dwelling... more

Kathy will be interviewing Rosemary Marchetta about Harmonic Doodling. Rosemary will explain exactly what Harmonic Doodling consists of, as well as the benifits it offers, such as entering the void where all creations stem from. Find... more

We will tap into the space of self-love, self-appreciation, and self-respect. Leaving behind all that no longer serves us therby creating a space to create happiness and well-being. By remembering to live in the present moment we are able to... more

Kathy Bradley talks with Sheryl Schlameuss Berger about the healing power of Reiki, and how the energy can assist in healing and promoting vibrant health with our pet's and animals. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and... more

Take 15 minutes to center yourself with a guided visual meditation. Allow the grounding energies of balance and stability to offer a platform, where you connect with your Higher Source of inner peace and wisdom. Allow the light to... more