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....been with hundreds of folks as they pass from this life. I'm concerned that most of us are not prepared for the death of a loved one that happens at home. Tonight I thought you might find it interesting to hear my perspectives on... more

EPAC engineering assessment and trial use of Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer. Personal endorsement and experience with this product. Why the expense is worth it? Some ideas for use! Help yourselves, family, and neighbors! Help... more

I am justifiably angered at some of the preparedness crap circulating on caring for the infectious disease patient at home!!!! Are you kidding me???? ...and some of the for-profit downloads are just plain uninformed!!!!!.....Let's talk this... more

20% of your food budget in your jar... Menu Grid Project:Go get yourself a magnet note board (The Marsha Schroeder Board) of size, or use a cork board, or use your frig with a calender grid, (tape up a grid), or use paper and... more

Week 3 Assignments: This week is a fun week in that we are thinking and dreaming about our favorite things to eat, favorite meals and so on. this week save 10% but try for 15% of grocery budget...put it in a jar and hide that jar from... more

references tonights show http://www.dvo.com/kitchen-organization.php http://www.grit.com/farm-and-garden/summer-kitchen.aspx#axzz30yq60QzB Sharing some ideas for reorganizing your kitchen to help you change over to a... more

Congrats, you did it!!!!! OK, now the change will become a little more apparent Week 2 Assignments: Week 2 seems magical, in that you get the feel for meal time processing in a new way (at least for most of us). OK...you now know what... more

EPAC is a board of 10 people who support over 700,000 families who mostly group into small community alliances for the purpose of preparing for disasters. In Zone 112 there are 5 families who live in remote areas who communicate rarely... more

Week 1 Assignment: Task 1 Take 10% of your weekly grocery expenditure and put it in a jar Task 2 learn about dehydrating if you don't know already, especially putting together dehydrated meals in jars or in mylar/plastic Task 3 inventory... more

Are you as tired of hearing about food storage as I am? One thing is for certain, there are several ways of getting to the same results. But the thing is; what do you want those results to be? Why? I have an everyday provident living plan... more